we 💖 edmonton!

Empathy map

After bracing the cold and the snowy roads, we are back from our launch in Edmonton. The turnout was fantastic and we are grateful for all the responses we received!

The conversation was not confined to the space, and spilled over to twitter as well: participants used #design4ahs to spread the learnings. Thanks to all who tweeted!

But let's hear what the participants think! Here are few snippets from the feedback we received:

"(I) liked the opportunity to trial some of the exercises. Also found it helpful to have that up front discussion about how this is working differently. For me hearing this more than once has helped to make me really reframe how I approach certain things. I would not have reframed only hearing this one time."

"I am intrigued by the empathy map and want to do more work around the horns of a dilemma as I find a lot of our thorny issues get not worked on because we won’t have the higher conversation. Too many people like to fall back on let’s just do a small piece of work that will then grow- it never does."

"Based on the workshop, I have already started to look at how to combine values, to quit evaluating different values as “good” or “bad” and am beginning to see you do not need to choose one value over another. I think this approach will help us to reframe the “competing priorities” conversation, and help us to create “win” “win” solutions. This is very relevant to our work to advance patient and family centred care."

A big thank you to all participants, to the team and to the organizers! We are looking forward to hear about how you apply these tools in your work! Also...thank you for the delicious baking! 🍪😊


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