The human centred design process is at the heart of everything we do.


We smash assumptions and explore the lived experiences of users to get a better understanding of processes.

We work with users to pick a target, determine an issue to be solved, and establish a team focus. 

We use innovative tools to collaboratively brainstorm bold ideas. The best potential solution is chosen by vote. 

We use dotmocracy to help you make decisions without compromise or time-consuming consensus building.

We support teams in building their bold ideas into something interactive to show key stakeholders. 

We share the prototype with staff and end users to gather feedback necessary to make improvements. 



This class is for everyone! Whether you've heard about sprints and want to learn more, or if you're looking to integrate design thinking into your everyday work, this class is for you.


We will set you up with a foundational understanding of design sprint theory with fun and creative hands-on applied learning and cool tools to take back to your team. 


This course will give you the foundation to begin a project using the tools and skills of a designer. Not ready for that big project? Don't fret! We will provide you with many insights, tips, tricks and tools that you can use in your everyday work. 


Are you interested in a more effective way of working?

Many of us in healthcare are frustrated with the bureaucracy of committees and other working groups, but are unsure of how else the work can get done. Scrum is an agile way of working that will move your team to action more quickly.

We offer personalized workshops for teams who would like to implement scrums in their project work. 


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