The biggest opportunities to transform healthcare lie not within strategies or processes, but mindsets.

People come to us with complicated problems that have no clear solution and sit squarely in the grey zone of right and wrong.

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The Design Lab uses design thinking as a core foundation. We tap into abilities and viewpoints that are often overlooked by more conventional problem-solving practices. 

We recognize patterns to help groups come up user-focused ideas.

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We use design thinking to kick start meaningful discussions, breathe life into structure, and develop solutions using human-centered design. 

We offer courses that harness design thinking into tools like sprints, scrums and liberating structures.

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Julie Schellenberg

Richard Liebrecht

Michael Auld

Jodi Ploquin 

Marcia Clark

Phil Bobawsky

Shauna Langenberger

Emma Currie

Steve Pedersen

Maya Pajevic

Cecilia Lee

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