12 Finalists!

Shane Bishop

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Pack4U connects people at home to a personalized medication delivery and adherence monitoring system to improve health outcomes and lower total cost of care.

Allison Loh-Kandylis.jpg

Allison Loh-Kandylis

Lean on Me 

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Lean on Me combats social isolation and loneliness by safely connecting those in need with companionship, self-empowerment resources and communities that share similar interests.

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Cassandra Rasko

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We provide rural youth with harm-reduction information on cannabis use through a mobile exhibit using videos, characters, lived experience, interactive stations, and a focus on mental health. 

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Dan Edgcumbe

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We democratize health promotion by empowering hair care professionals to have meaningful and impactful health-related conversations with their clients. 

Matt Hodgson

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Outbreaker Solutions is developing the world's fastest-acting antimicrobial touch surface to eliminate the spread of harmful pathogens on commonly touched surfaces.

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Lauren Singh

Breathe to Live: A Virtual Pilot Empowers Patients

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By leveraging virtual technology applications, patients were delivered a novel Pulmonary Rehabilitation exercise and education program in their homes during COVID-19. 

Kathleen Arnold

Virtual Support: Pairing Group 

Bringing the North together virtually: Pairing Group Education with 1:1 Behavior Change Support


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Indigenous Navigation Interprofessional Rounds

A team of specially trained healthcare providers improving Indigenous client care by advocating for client needs and supporting peers to integrate relational trauma-informed practices and cultural safety into cancer care to overcome stereotypes and biases.

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Joelle Fawcett-Arsenault

At their fingertips

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At their fingertips: Harnessing the power of text messaging to provide timely, accessible and effective information, forging strong relationships with diverse patients and families and their care team.

Judges for Launchpad Final Event

Reg Joseph

CEO of Health City

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Keri Damen

Executive Director

Hunter Hub

University of Calgary

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Krista Chapman

Director of Clinical Operations -

CBI Home Health

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Margaret Wurzer

Director, Benefit Plan & Product Management 

Alberta Blue Cross

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Mike Meldrum

President & CEO

Calgary Health Trust

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Digital Health 

The semi-finalists in this category have an idea that involves new technology product development or product improvement.

Adam Balogh

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Improving healthcare delivery with simple and fast mobile and web-app connecting front-line healthcare teams to fill vacant shifts with off-duty staff at any moment’s notice.

Asif Bux

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Medibee is a technology platform that partners with local pharmacies and brings the pharmacy to patients. No more waiting in line at the pharmacy or having to leave your home for prescription medications.


Darlington Etaje


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DiRAP (Disease Risk Analysis App) seeks to help inform individuals of the risk of severe illness if they contract COVID-19 and can allow for more informed return-to-work operations.

Savana Radley.jpg

Savana Radley

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Radley Robots provides a communications and concierge service delivered via telepresence robots that keeps people safe, connected and independent.

Kyle McLeod

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OrigamAi is an intelligent analytics platform that supports hospitals in decreasing burnout and other psychological harm in healthcare professionals, while positively impacting patient outcomes.

Davis Yates

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Dawn is a digital health platform that uses innovative technologies to bridge the gap between Canadians struggling with mental health problems and compassionate, local therapists looking to help.

Kathryn Todd

Vice President Provincial Clinical Excellence

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Rohit Joshi

Chief Executive Officer at Brightsquid

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Dana Lewis

Founder of Open APS 

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Emily Armstong

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Tele-Rehab 2.0 provides specialist assessments closer to home for rural Albertans by using technology to connect them and their local physio to a specialist in Edmonton.

Esmat Naikyar

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Naiad Lab utilizes AI and advanced data analytics to provide Smart Clinic solutions, enabling data connectivity, prevention, and predictive modeling for early intervention.


Ty McKinney

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8-Bit Cortex is democratizing access to gamified mental health assessments to improve health care efficiencies and raise our collective wellbeing.

Ray Zhou.png

Ray Zhou

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Advancare helps you and your family stay healthy at home, by giving you the power to monitor your health, share your health data with your physicians, and receive care from home using smart home monitors and smart phone app. 

Ryan Rosentreter


Cortian medical technologies has developed a remote ischemic conditioning device for the pre-hospital treatment of acute ischemic stroke and looks to use travel time to save brain. 

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A SaaS solution for Indigenous community organizations to collect and organize patient experiences anonymously for quality improvement

Alika Lafontaine

Vibudh Singh.jpg

Vibudh Singh

Rest Assured App

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Rest Assured App uses the EHR data of the patient in the Long Term Care Facilities to keep the loved ones updated about the well being, thus giving its users peace of mind while providing better health care.

Community Impact 


The semi-finalists in this category are from organizations outside of Alberta Health Services who have an idea that has created new value in the community.

Adam Henley

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COVID SCOUTS will inspire and spread health-promoting behaviours within at-risk neighbourhoods, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with a volunteer cadre.

Chris Waller

We're getting Diabetes wrong

Diabetes is a reversible disease, curable not with cutting edge medicine but with simple lifestyle changes. Our innovation is to focus on that goal and reframe initial management.

Christine Gibson

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Precision medicine for mental health.


Sebastian Lackey

The Fracture Liaison Service and Catch a Break are two innovative, tailored programs to prevent debilitating fragility fractures in an ageing Albertan population. 

Megan Hunter

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Health Literacy: When we know better, we do better and together we can be better. 

Nicole Sanchez

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Hempact is a women-led entrepreneurial venture focused on creating sustainable and disposable menstrual pads out of hemp.


Erica Hughes/ Kathy Bui

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CareFind is a central interactive platform connecting parents to real-time openings of daycares, preschools, out of school care, and approved dayhomes.

Kathleen Mcqueen.jpg

Kathleen McQueen

Care for the Caregiver

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Providing support, safety and peace of mind for essential family caregivers.

Lisa Poole

Care Home Advisor

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An online platform to evaluate care homes using using customer reviews. 

Service Innovation 


The semi-finalists in this category have an idea that has created new value within Alberta Health Services. 

Amanda Proctor.png

Amanda Proctor

Stollery Care Cards

Who are you and why are you here? Role identifying cards to explain staff roles.

Tara Fuselli.jpg

Tara Fuselli

Indigenous Themed Simulation 

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We offer health care providers opportunity for reflection, discussion and hands on practice through experiential learning to support the development of culturally safe relationships with Indigenous Peoples accessing care in Alberta.

Catherne Joseph.jpg

Catherene Joseph

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Tackling the increasing burden of Type 2 diabetes through virtual diabetes prevention.


Jodi Kerr

Optimizing Anticoagulation Bridging in Surgical Patients

Increasing evidence-based, standardized approach to patient care through pharmacist-led periprocedural anticoagulation

Lene Jorgenson 

Indigenous Diabetes Project: Harmony in Diabetes Care

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Creating Harmony in Diabetes Care with Indigenous Communities 

Marsha Meller.jpg

Marsha Meller

Longterm care improved Quality of Care through Education Transformation

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Improving quality for Continuing Care through educational transformation - enabling a collaborative learning culture utilizing an innovative environment for local and provincial learning and improvement.

Roberta Dubois.jpg

Roberta Dubois

The Rural Ventilation Project

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Rural Ventilation: connecting rural and urban ventilation virtually 

Tamara Saby

Ending Stigma of Palliative Approach to Care

Quality of life to the end of Life: A palliative approach to care enabling collaborative access to resources, information and compassionate partnership.