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Youth Mental Health

How might we simplify the service experience for middle school kids (and caregivers) with poor mental health and addiction illness as they navigate between schools and healthcare?

The Design Lab is working with AHS staff, community mental health organizations, education, and families to answer the complex question on how we can simplify supports between schools and healthcare professionals.  


As part of the preparation the team from the Design lab interviewed multiple families to describe the journey that they experienced.  This beautiful visual representation was drawn by Aaron Russell.  The families have found the map very valuable and consider it an important resource that they can share with families who are just beginning their journey.


"Eighteen months ago, little did I know that I was about to set out on a professional journey from part time family doctor to full time pediatric mental health advocate. This began when my 10-year-old son became suddenly mentally unwell. First and foremost I was a mother concerned for my son and family and unsure of what our future might look like. By the end of the first leg of my son’s mental health journey, I had taken on the role of passionate mother/physician advocate with a vision of stronger pediatric mental health team.

I needed to find a way to engage and mobilize this community.  The Design Lab was instrumental to help us move forward. A pivotal first step was seeking out the insights of families, like mine, with lived experience. What became impactful, however, was compiling our collective experiences into a journey map for families struggling with youth mental wellness. This map is both a validation of our experiences as well as a powerful tool for families that follow us."


Nicoelle Wanner - Family Physician MHRH, Family Practice

2018 Annual Report

Curious about what the lab has been up to for the last year? Check out our annual report, you can download it via the link below.

We worked with Carewest on their goal to change food services at their facilities and bring fresher food to their residents.


The food throughout the 13 Carewest sites is constantly improving, and we are excited we could be a part of this with Carewest leadership, staff and residents.


Enjoy this short clip that highlights some of the work the lab did, and all the hard work from the Carewest team to create these new fresh and delicious menu items. 

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