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About Us

We are a small group of entrepreneurs determined to improve Alberta Health Services using design thinking.

Our Team

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We Believe

The biggest opportunities to transform healthcare lie not within strategies or processes, but mindsets.

People come to us with complicated problems that have no clear solution and sit squarely in the grey zone of right and wrong.

We Facilitate

The Design Lab uses design thinking as a core foundation. We tap into abilities and viewpoints that are often overlooked by more conventional problem-solving practices. 

We recognize patterns to help groups come up with user-focused ideas.

We Educate

We use design thinking to kick start meaningful discussions, breathe life into structure, and develop solutions using human-centred design. 

We offer courses that harness design thinking into tools like sprints, scrums and liberating structures.

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Josh Mccutcheon

Senior Design Consultant

Josh’s career as a nurse has honed his empathy to a fine tune. His lived experience gives him razor-sharp insight into how to design with humans in mind.


Mark Yiu

Senior Consultant

As a design evangelist, educator and practitioner, Mark believes everyone has the capacity for design. He’ll make a believer out of you, too.

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Maria Anwar

Senior Design Consultant

Always warm, curious and interested in connecting! Maria’s design approach blend’s her pharmacy, leadership and academic experiences with a genuine love of humanity and desire to positively contribute to
the field.

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