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Sprint School

Back by popular demand! We've revised our healthcare sprint school. 

Sprint Fundamentals

April 8th in Calgary

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This class is for everyone! Whether you've heard about sprints and want to learn more, or if you're looking to integrate design thinking into your everyday work, this class is for you.


We will set you up with a foundational understanding of design sprint theory with fun and creative hands-on applied learning and cool tools to take back to your team. 



Are you interested in a more effective way of working?

Many of us in healthcare are frustrated with the bureaucracy of committees and other working groups, but are unsure of how else the work can get done.  


Scrum is an agile way of working that will move your team to action more quickly.

We offer personalized workshops for teams who would like to implement scrums in their project work. 

If you would like this education session for your team please  contact us: 


Initiated by the Institute for Health Improvement in 2016, the “Breaking the Rules for Better Care” campaign encourages healthcare organizations to ask “If you could break or change any rule in service of a better care experience for patients or staff, what would it be?


The campaign was trialed in Alberta in 2018 as an Action Learning Project.  The campaign was held at two locations in Alberta; 1) Emergency Department at the Peter Lougheed Hospital and 2) Northern Lights Regional Health Centre. 


In all, over 600 suggestions were gathered, from both patients and staff, ranging from rules that need clarity, rules that needed redesign and rules that needed advocacy for change.


If you would like to run this campaign at your site we have a tool kit to get you started. Contact us for more information:  

Tool Box

Here is a collection of more things we love. If you can't find something that you've seen us use, please contact us. We love to share. 

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