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2017/2018 Accomplishments


An outline of how our Lab grew significantly in just one year.

Chatting with Elise Martinoski from ABSI Connect


Ali and Marlies talk about some of their memorable moments using Design Sprints in the health and care setting.

Prescription For Improvement


Marlies van Dijk and Maya Pajevic give an overview of design thinking -- what is it and how can it be useful in designing healthcare services around the user. Hint: the first step is empathy.

Prescription for Improvement II


Marlies van Dijk and Dana Dalgarno explain steps 2 and 3 of Design Thinking: Define & Ideate. How do you pinpoint the problem you are trying to solve and then come up with possible solutions?

Prescription for Improvement III


Marlies van Dijk and Jessica (Lamb) Spence detail the ins and outs of prototyping and testing your solution or product.

Healthcare Sprint Decision Tool


Follow this flowchart to find out if a healthcare sprint would be beneficial for you and your team.

What is a Healthcare Sprint?


This visual outlines what a sprint is in the health and care setting and summarizes what outcomes you can expect.

Healthcare Sprint Checklist


Getting ready for a sprint? Use this checklist to make sure you are fully prepped.

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