Virtual Health and Care Design School

Design for Health and Care Innovation

This FREE online course is all about human-centred design, the process of design thinking and its application in health + care.  

This course will give you the foundation to begin a project using the tools and skills of a designer. Not ready for that big project? Don't fret! We will provide you with many insights, tips, tricks and tools that you can use in your everyday work. 


During each one-hour session you will work on your health + care problem with the advice and teaching of our exciting roster of speakers who have each been making great strides in the world of design thinking. You will also have the opportunity for one-on-one coaching with Design Lab consultants.

Oct 16: Introduction to Design

Oct 23: Starting with Empathy

Oct 30: The User Journey

Nov 06: Ideation and Analogies

Nov 13: Prototypes

Nov 20: Testing + Feedback

Nov 27: Bringing it All Together


Map the journey of the user, learn from their experiences and gain a shared understanding.


Ideate for the future. Focus on the what, not the how.


With solutions in hand, we critique each and decide which has the best chance to achieve the team's goal.


From idea to prototype; create a viable product /service so that your user can experience it.


Put the prototype into the hands of the user. Is it meeting their needs, did we reach our goal?

Topics Covered

Introduction to Design

- Learn the phases and theories of design thinking

- Introduction to the workbook

Guest speaker: Zayna Khayat  

October 16th 10:00AM MST

Starting with Empathy

- Re-framing a problem 

- Identify your end users 

- Building your design team

Guest Speaker: Paolo Korre 


October 23rd 10:00AM MST

The User Journey 

- Mapping the user experience

- Journey mapping

Guest Speaker: Andrew Siu 

October 30th 10:00AM MST

Ideation and Analogies 

- Brainstorming tools 

- The power of analogies

- Tips for pushing creativity 

Guest Speaker: Annie Valdes 

November 6th 10:00AM MST


- The power of different thinking

- Tips for pushing team culture 

- Co-design

Guest Speaker: Marlies Van Dijk 

November 13th 10:00AM MST


- Ugly baby, show don’t tell

- Prototyping case studies

- Testing with users

Guest Speaker: Robin Hooijer   

November 20th 10:00AM MST

Bring it all Together

- Design thinking every damn day

- Facilitation tips.

- Ask us anything 

Guest Speaker: Alika Lafontaine  

November 27th 10:00AM MST




Pick a problem you want to work on, and go through the design process with our custom workbook.  

Better Solutions



Our designers will teach you how to compress months of work and endless discussions and build solutions that fit the needs of your users.




Benefit from personalized feedback every step of the way from our designers. Your projects will prepare you to problem solve efficiently and effectively. 

An Engaging 


Join a dynamic community of learners to draw inspiration and knowledge. We will share our favorite resources, tips and tricks.

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